Welcome New Yankee Workshop Fans!  
Welcome New Yankee Workshop Fans!Welcome New Yankee Workshop Fans! Welcome New Yankee Workshop Fans!Welcome New Yankee Workshop Fans!
Welcome New Yankee Workshop Fans!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you affiliated with The New Yankee Workshop?
No. We are neither affiliated with, nor authorized by The New Yankee Workshop, though we are big fans and hope they view our efforts in the spirit they are meant.

Who wrote the theme song to The New Yankee Workshop?
According to his website, Peter Bell, talented songwriter and musician, is credited with composing, producing and scoring the theme music for not only The New Yankee Workshop, but also Victory Garden and This Old House Classics.

Click to hear The New Yankee Workshop theme.
Click to hear This Old House Classics theme.

Where can I find out more about Norm Abram?
The best biography I could find was from This Old House Online. I have a copy of it here.

Where can I find out more about Russell Morash?
The best biography I could find was from This Old House Online. I have a copy of it here.

Do you know where the workshop is located?
Yes, we do know where it is, but out of respect for the show, we don't share the information with anybody.

Does Norm actually build all the projects shown on the show?
Yes. Though he does have help cleaning up and applying finish to projects.
Who is responsible for the show being made?
The show is a co-production of Morash Associates, Inc. and WGBH Boston. Russell Morash is a true visionary in television, considered by many to be the father of how-to programs, and directly responsible for several of them at WGBH, including The Victory Garden, This Old House and The New Yankee Workshop.
I heard the workshop doesn't belong to Norm. Is that true?
Yes, it's true. We believe it belongs to Russell Morash.

Was Norm always a carpenter?
No. You can learn quite a bit about his background at the best online background I have seen on Norm we archived from from the spring 1998 UMass Magazine Online, written by Leslie Wolfe. Norm apparently attended UMass from 1967 to 1972, though he stopped just short of finishing his degree.

Do you know how big the workshop is?
It's 26' x 36' for a total of 936 square feet, but that doesn't include the finishing room.

Do the show sponsors have New Yankee web pages?
Some do. Check out Minwax, Porter-Cable, Delta, Thompson's Waterseal, and Titebond.

Has The New Yankee Workshop ever Jumped The Shark?
The answer is an overwhelming no, but you have to read about it at the Jump the Shark website. If you've never heard this term before, the definition is on the site homepage.

Did Norm make The New Yankee Workshop sign?
No, the sign was made by the Lincoln Sign Company, which specializes in dimensional signs such as the one used by The New Yankee Workshop. Update 9/04: The workshop crew visited Lincoln Sign for a show segment. Read about it here, as well as check out the sign they made for me (Philip) in early 2003.

How can I get an autographed photo from Norm?
If you check the New Yankee Worshop gear page on the official site, you'll find an autographed photo of him there you can print right off the site. Or, just print the one linked here.

What happens to the projects Norm builds?
Norm gets one and Russell gets one. Though it's hard to imagine either one of them have room for all those projects. Some can been seen hanging around the shop that I'm guessing are Russell's.

How come Norm isn't part of the Ask This Old House crew?
According to the Ask This Old House FAQ: "We'd love to have master carpenter Norm Abram on Ask This Old House, but as you know he's already working on two television series, This Old House and The New Yankee Workshop. He also serves on the editorial board of This Old House magazine, where he writes the "Norm's Notebook" column. As much as he'd like to join us on Ask This Old House, he just didn't have time to take on another show."

Have you noticed the Letters From You section of the site doesn't have many letters?
Well, yes I have noticed. Seems a bit odd there are so few with such a large audience for the show. Write them and tell them how much you like the show! Speaking of letters, I read through them all, and this one really cracked me up.