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 October 27, 2013
Ask This Old House Arrives In Leominster

David: He went to the website for the PBS show "Ask This Old House," hoping to at least get some free advice. Instead, what he got was a film crew and star Tom Silva working in his front yard repairing the post Thursday.

"I love the show," Firmani said from his yard overlooking the intersection of Merriam Avenue and Vassar Street. "When (producer Christopher Wolfe) called me, I thought he was kidding and I asked, 'Who is this?'"

The show, part of the long-running PBS series "This Old House," is in its 12th season and produces 26 episodes a year, Wolfe said.

They originally planned to tape Firmani's episode in the April-May time frame but scheduling conflicts delayed the work.
Wolfe said he was drawn to Firmani's problem because the rotting ornate post is the sort of thing many homeowners face.

"It was a great project for us to schedule on the show and (we) didn't want to let it go," Wolfe said.

All it took was Silva's expertise and a 6-inch-by-6-inch cedar block to weave into the existing post.

"Part of our mission is to not only solve the problem but teach the homeowner the skill or technique, so if there is another problem they can move on to it," Wolfe said.

Silva, who owns Silva Brothers Construction Co. in Lexington, showed Wolfe how to make a notched cut so the repair will have more stability than simply sliding it under the rotted part.

On a normal workday, the post could be fixed in a couple hours, but filming and refilming kept the crew on scene throughout the day, Firmani said.

They shot take after take to get promo shots just right with Silva until the director was satisfied.

Silva was clearly having a good time working with the crew and Firmani.

"It's fun stuff," he said between shots. "The biggest problem is dealing with the director and producers. Did I say that out loud?"

The show is expected to air in February or March.

 photo 20131019__SEN_101913_Housep1_200_zpsa22d8bcd.jpg
Leominster homeowner Mike Firmani, left, got a home-improvement lesson Thursday from "Ask This Old House" host Tom Silva, right, while cameraman Steve D'Onofrio filmed the action. SENTINEL & ENTERPRISE / JACK MINCH

This article is from sentinelandenterprise.com by Jack Minch, jminch@sentinelandenterprise.com