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 May 17, 2012
Ask This Old House Comes to Laramie County

David: This beautiful weather means its home improvement time! Wouldn't it be nice to have the pros at your side.
One lucky home owner in Laramie County got that honor, when the crew from "Ask This Old House" stopped by their home.

Homeowner Ryan Cavanaugh has a problem. "Plumbing's is always intimidating, you don't want to flood your own house you know," Said Cavanaugh. "It's one of those things that needs to work right."

He almost finished his basement bathroom but when it came to installing the toilet he decided to leave that to the experts.

"So he sent us an email and we decided to come out and help him," said Heath Racela, Associate Producer of "Ask This Old House."

"We came in riding on a horse and showed him how to do it," said Richard Trethewey, the plumbing and heating expert on the show.

That's what the team of expert plumbers, electricians, and all around handy men do.

"Ask this old house is unique because we are going to teach people how to do a very doable project step by step," said Trethewey.

"We chose this project because Ryan was a young enthusiastic home owner and he wanted to tackle a lot of the projects himself, he just needed a little guidance," said Racela.

Ryan found out quickly that it's not all glamour behind the scenes of a TV shoot.

"The shows a half hour and we are probably going to spend all day shooting my little part of the show," he said. "It's a bit different but it's been a great experience."

A great experience not only for this homeowner, but for the cast and crew, who experienced a first of their own.

"It's the first time we've brought the show to Cheyenne and we're happy to do so in our 11th season," said Racela.

They haven't set an air date yet, but we know this episode will be a part of the 11th season of "Ask This Old House" which starts in October. You can catch it on PBS.


To watch an interview with Richard and the homeowner, click here.

Source: www.kgwn.tv/ Article and interviewer by Rylee DeGood