Welcome New Yankee Workshop Fans!  
Welcome New Yankee Workshop Fans!Welcome New Yankee Workshop Fans! Welcome New Yankee Workshop Fans!Welcome New Yankee Workshop Fans!
Welcome New Yankee Workshop Fans!

 March 12, 2012
From Behind The Camera

David: Mr. D'Onofrio also does Rough Cut, Simply Ming with Chef Ming Tsai and assorted sporting events plus many other projects.

Now I tell you, does he have a cool job or what? He does work long hours but that's because he's good at what he does.

Here's what he has to say about The New Yankee Workshop and the man him self, Mr. Norm Abram.

For the past 20 years Norm has entertained and educated audiences on the fine craft of furniture building. It?s a step by step approach that will take you from selecting the species of wood to a finished piece of furniture. Norm's built well over 200 pieces of furniture as well as a kitchen suite. This list of projects extend to the outdoors as well as pieces featured throughout a home.

For myself, I enjoy taking on new projects all of the time. I like to get myself a little ?in over my head?, because it forces me to learn new techniques, new ways of approaching the same task.
I have to be honest, any time I get myself in too deep; I can pick up the phone and call Norm. I?ve spent more than one lunch time talking to Norm about a difficult part of creating one of his projects.

Most people don?t have the luxury of calling Norm directly, but you can always get a copy of both the show and plans for each of his projects by going on-line to: www.newyankeeworkshop.com. This website offers a full range of both indoor and outdoor projects. You may even get an inspiration to create your own piece from one of Norm's originals.

If you?re starting out, pick one of his easier projects. If you?re a seasoned pro, go for a one of the pieces you?ve always wanted in your home.

One of the shows favorite projects and one I enjoyed building is the Adirondack Chair. If I?m out enjoying my deck, you?ll find me in my chair. These projects are great family projects too.

Each week Norm shows you how to make furniture that is functional, beautiful and most importantly, your own.

He'll show you which tools to use and the proper techniques to complete each task.

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NE Patriots Owner Robert Kraft & Steve D'Onofrio during a recent Interview at the Patriots Hall of Fame