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 March 20, 2013
Norm Makes a Visit To Daryl Hall's House

David: This article is from the web site, gather.com

Daryl Hall's popular web series, "Live From Daryl's House" (LFDH) just celebrated its second month on its hiatus but that doesn't mean that fans won't see anything new coming from Hall's upstate New York home.

Musicians might not have been welcomed for the month of March but Norm Abram from "This Old House" was there to tape a segment for his television show.

The episode opened with Norm greeting Brian Cooper who is a preservation contractor. He's been working with Hall to preserve the eighteenth century New York State house where LFDH is filmed.

Viewers are taken on a short tour of the grounds and then Norm and Brian go inside where they meet Daryl who shows off the rooms of the house.

It certainly is a large home and that's because it's really two houses. They are attached by two new rooms that Hall added; a kitchen and the "barn" where LFDH is filmed.

Hall explains how he found the two homes, took them apart, moved them to this new site, and then put the houses back together again. It wasn't until later on that he discovered that the two houses were owned by members of the same family.

Fans of LFDH rarely get to see more than the kitchen and barn but now viewers are privileged to see a little more of where Daryl lives and films his web show.

The home might not be everyone's cup of tea; it's a bit sparse, lots of wood, windows without weather proofing so it can be drafty at times but Hall loves it and that's all that counts.

Viewers are still wondering when musicians be welcomed back to Hall's old house. No one is quite sure about that. Rumors have it that "Live From Daryl's House" will continue on the web in May but nothing really official has been mentioned.

But don't be too distraught, the series is being aired on multiple cable networks like VH1 and Palladia. And most past episodes can still be seen on the internet.

But until music is once again heard coming from Hall's upstate New York home let Norm, Brian, and Daryl take you on a tour of Daryl's beautiful old house.

Source: gather.com