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 August 14, 2012
This Old House

David: I found this article at HuliQ by Dave Masko.

This Old House is ?not just a tool, it?s an inspiration? said one fan whose followed the famed Barrington house project during the past year on this television showcase for do-it-yourself home remodeling and repair. For this special primetime airing of ?This Old House? ? on Thursday, Aug. 16 at 8/7c (check local listings) - the show treats fans of the famed Barrington house project to top-notch DIY. The project involves a vintage 18th century house located in Rhode Island, for a one-hour episode titled: ?Bedford: Work on the Addition Begins.? In turn, the special features general contractor Tom Silva and mason Mark McCullough who ?carefully open a hole in the old foundation.? At the same time, window restoration specialist Alison Hardy ?removes the historic sashes for the rehab; while the show?s plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey ?visits the local library to see the oldest existing flag in the country, The Bedford Flag.? Also, Silva finds and repairs a rotted sill; while also forming the new foundation for this Barrington house project.

This Old House features ?Barrington house?

For fans of ?This Old House? ? who usually tune to this popular DIY show during its usual PBS airing time on Saturday afternoons ? this primetime special is a real treat, say fan Gus Rossiter, ?because it lets you watch more of this most unusual Barrington house project as it continues."

Roositer, who restores Victorian homes up and down the West coast, was an advisor on the ?pink? Victorian house photo that accompanies this story. ?We always do our best to take care of these somewhat fragile homes built during the late 18th, 19th or early 20th century because ? as the experts on This Old House remind us ? we can never get back what was first created for these old homes. Our job is to restore them to their original beauty.?

In fact, This Old House series - that?s now in its 33 year on PBS ? has won a record 17 Emmy Awards and received 82 nominations for simply offering common sense and expert advice on DIY tasks that just about anyone can accomplish. This Old House features pros Norm Abram, Tom Silva, Richard Trethewey, Roger Cook, and host Kevin O'Connor, is TV's original home-improvement show, following one whole-house renovation over several episodes.

This Old House now a ?brand? of its own

No real need to over market ?This Old House? on PBS, or this week?s primetime special on Thursday evening, adds Victorian home restorer Gus Rossiter because ?the classics don?t need hype. This Old House is now a ?brand? like Coke or Sears or what have you. When I shop at my favorite DIY store I sometimes say things like ?I need that tool they used on This Old House, and the clerk usually knows what I mean after others also reference the show,? added Rossiter during a recent Huliq interview.

Also, fans of ?This Old House? may notice that this season?s DIY episodes have featured shorter segments so as to ?teach trade tricks and answer thorny homeowner questions,? explains the show?s website; while also adding how there's three decades worth of do-it-yourself episodes to watch on demand for viewers sorting out their own home repair and remodeling projects.

As Thursday?s primetime edition of ?This Old House,? demonstrates, fans have been turning to this PBS TV show for over three decades for advice on restoration, design and renovation. With an aim to demystify the home improvement process, This Old House is using the Barrington house project as a good example of a ?really Old House.?

Old homes across America featured on PBS

Go figure a TV show that celebrates classic American homes - that's "This Old House" for you.

For instance, it should be noted that "the Barrington house project" is more of a classic early 18th century home than a "typical turn of the century Victorian home."

However, home repair experts note how the term "Victorian home" has now become associated with classic American homes built in the 18th and 19th centuries; even when they may be much older than traditional Victorian homes.

In fact, the show?s host Kevin O?Connor has been nominated for an Emmy for renovating ?his own Victorian house;? states a PBS marketing promotion for this week?s This Old House primetime special; while O?Connor adds that in addition to tackling the massive task of restoring a Victorian-era home he says ?my greatest challenge and accomplishment is being a father.?

At the same time, there lots of other reasons to tune in Thursday for this primetime ?This Old House? TV special on PBS; for one, it?s fun television entertainment to watch the show?s team of experts as they renovate this ongoing Barrington house project because these are the cream of the crop of DIY experts that won't let you down.