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 June 7, 2012
This Old House And Ask This Old House Are On Tonight

David: This Old House+ - Episode #3110
Master carpenter Norm Abram and general contractor Tom Silva rebuild the front door surround to eliminate rot and also to create a more attractive and historically accurate entranceway. Certified arborist Matt Foti inspects the ailing American Beech tree, and finding die back and root compaction, prescribes deep root injections that will both amend and aerate the soil. Host Kevin O'Connor meets nurse-turned-general contractor Monica MacKenzie at an antique home she recently renovated in Hingham, Massachusetts. Back in Bedford, interior designers Dee Elms and Andrew Terrat show Kevin and homeowner Becky Titlow where the design for the new space is headed?a sophisticated blend of modern and rustic elements that will be comfortable and low maintenance for the family.


Tree Pruning Expert
Matthew R. Foti Landscape and Tree Service
tel. 781-861-0505

Historic House Tour in Hingham
Side Trip:
Monica MacKenzie Design

Interior Designer
Terrat Elms Interior Design

Ask This Old House - Episode #1010
General contractor Tom Silva travels to Philadelphia to help a homeowner put the finishing touch on a backyard pizza oven. Then Tom, along with host Kevin O'Connor, landscaping contractor Roger Cook, and plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey ask "What Is It?" Afterward, Richard shows Kevin how to apply teflon tape, pipe dope, and wicking to threaded pipe connections.


Pizza Oven DoorsTom helps a homeowner install doors on his backyard pizza oven.

Where to find it?Tom built the doors and frame from cellular PVC manufactured by Azek and available and most lumber yards.

The counter-sink screws with a concealed plug are Cortex Screws, manufactured by FastenMaster
The PVC epoxy that Tom uses is Bond & Fill PVC Adhesive.

The door hardware was provided by Raybern Builders Supply

What is it?The guys try to guess the purpose of an unusual-looking product.

Where to find it?Roger demonstrated the "Power Plant Mini" hydroponic kitchen garden. It is manufactured by Prepara.

Thread SealantsRichard shows Kevin how to apply thread sealant such as teflon tape, pipe dope, and wicking.

Where to find it?
Thread sealants like teflon tape and pipe dope are available at home centers. Wicking is available at plumbing supply stores.