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 July 26, 2012
This Old House And Ask This Old House Are On Tonight

David: This Old House - Episode #3117

The This Old House crew opens the Barrington, Rhode Island project aboard the motor sailor Liberty bound for the Ocean State via scenic Narragansett Bay. On Barrington Beach, homeowner Geoff Allen shows master carpenter Norm Abram and host Kevin O'Connor why they bought their 1925 modified cape-not for its 1950s and 1970s-era additions, but for the outstanding location. Inside, his wife, Michelle Forcier, shows Kevin that the kitchen has not been remodeled in decades, and how they hope to remove everything that is outdated, and open the new space up to the beautiful water views. In the basement, plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey shows Norm a fairly standard story-outdated mechanicals with low efficiency, and a 100-amp electrical service that should be updated. While there appear to be no problems with the structure, the biggest challenge will be building to withstand the marine environment, as well as the hurricanes, wind, and sideways rain that can happen by the water. Up in Providence, Kevin meets architect Mary Brewster to look at the plans for the renovation with the help of a useful 3D software program. Norm visits local builder Andy Tiplady in Bristol, Rhode Island to see a classic new home he recently built that represents the apex of seaside living in Rhode Island. Back at the house, Andy's crew has loaded in, and Kevin lends a hand as they begin demo of the 1950s porch addition, and start gutting the first floor.

General Contractor
Andrew Tiplady Builder - Remodeler

Brewster Thornton Group Architects

Excavation Contractor
De Angelis Excavating
7 Colonial Avenue
Barrington, RI Barrington
tel. 401-245-2070

Excavation Contractor
Tla Pond View
1 Dexter Road
East Providence, RI 02914-2043‬
tel. 401-438-3000

Irrigation Timers
Rain Bird
tel. 800-724-6247


Barrington House Crew, General Contractor Andy Tiplady second from right.

Ask This Old House - Episode #1017
Landscape contractor Roger Cook and host Kevin O'Connor examine several ways to reduce the amount of water used for irrigation. Then, plumbing & heating expert Richard Trethewey heads to San Francisco to install an irrigation system that reuses waste water from a washing machine. Back in the loft, Richard shows Kevin some toilets with built-in sinks designed to save even more water. After that, Roger visits an engine repair shop to learn how to maintain small gasoline engines.

Irrigation Timers
Roger and Kevin look at irrigation timers that can save water.

Where to find it?
Basic timers (manual and electronic) that attach to a garden hose or sprinkler are available at home centers and garden centers.

The "smart" timer that Roger showed can measure temperature and precipitation. It can be installed with an in-ground irrigation system. It is model "ESP-SMT" and is manufactured by Rain Bird, 800-724-6247

Graywater Irrigation System
Richard installs a graywater irrigation system in San Francisco.

Where to find it?
The Graywater kit that Richard installed is available to customers of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. The Public Utilities Commission assisted us with this project and they offer information about graywater systems on their website.

Laura Allen from Greywater Action assisted with the design and installation of our system.

The Graywater kit that we installed was sold through the The Urban Farmer Store in San Francisco.

If you live outside of San Francisco, you may be able to purchase the supplies needed to make your own "laundry to landscape" system from a plumbing supply store or a home center. The design manual available on the Public Utilities Commission website lists the materials needed. Be sure to check local building codes and graywater laws before installing a system like this.

Graywater Toilets
Richard shows Kevin a few toilets that reuse the graywater from hand-washing.

Where to find it?
The all-in-one toilet that Richard showed is the Profile Smart toilet, manufactured by Caroma

It is available through specialty retailers and plumbing supply stores.

The retrofit sink that fits atop an existing toilet is the Sink Positive


Small Gasoline Engine Maintenance
Roger visits an engine repair shop to learn how to maintain small gasoline engines.

Where to find it?
Paul Spinazola provided expert assistance with this project:
Pro Equipment Service
3 Breed Avenue
Woburn, MA 01801

The fuel stabilizer and ethanol treatment that Paul recommended is Marine Formula STA-BIL, manufactured by Gold Eagle