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 September 20, 2012
This Old House And Ask This Old House Are On Tonight

David: This Old House - Episode #3125
Builder Andy Tiplady sets 4" x 4" glass tile in the kitchen using a light green grout (mixed with a latex additive) as the adhesive to set the tile and give a depth of color to the backsplash that thinset would not allow. Outside, the new insulated steel garage door is up, and inside, host Kevin O'Connor works with Andy to install a garage storage system from the home center to keep the space organized. At the front deck, carpenter Chris Aguiar finishes up the cable railing system. The frame is white powder-coated aluminum, with stainless steel cables making up horizontal "balusters". The cables are strung with Teflon washers and grommets that separate the dissimilar metals in order to prevent corrosion. Fireplace specialist Mark Galenski installs a gas stove in the corner of the living room that will become a focal point at night, when the water views are no longer visible. Electrician John Butterfield installs a new LED down light in the front hall that's perfect for retrofit applications, and lighting designer Evelyn Audet shows how she's used layers of light to create distinct spaces within the open floor plan.

Electrical Contractor
Butterfield Electric
135 Mulberry Rd
Bristol, RI
tel. (401) 254-0302

Kitchen Backsplash: Daltile Cristallo Peridot CR52 4x4 field tile.
Basement: Daltile Kimono Silk Rice Paper P321 12x12 field tile
Half bath/Laundry: Daltile Kimono Silk Morning Dove P325 12x12 field tile
Master Bath: Daltile Kimono Silk Sprout P322 12x12 field tile
Guest Bath: Daltile Kimono Silk White Orchid P320 12x12 field tile
Front Entry: Daltile Stone a la Mod Oval Polished Urban Bluestone L222 11 3/4x12 mesh
Dining Area Accent Wall: Daltile Stone a la Mod High-Low Split Face Urban Bluestone L222

Lopi Gas Fireplace

Lighting Designer
Evelyn Audet Lighting Design

Hand Forged Iron Light Fixtures
Hubbardton Forge
dining room / Item #13-7660-07-48 / Brindille pendant
living & dining room / Item # 20-6730-07-B401 / Forged Vertical Bar sconce
living room / Item # 12-4412-07-G47 / Presidio Tryne semi-flush
sitting room / Item #12-4402-07-G98 / Tryne flush mount
staircase hall / Item #12-4402-07-G98 / Tryne flush mount
front entry / Item #12-4402-07-G98 / Tryne flush mount
kitchen over counter / Item # 18-775-07-G116 / Ambit pendant
laundry room / Item # 12-4252-07-G50 / Moonband semi-flush
mud room / Item #12-4251-07-G45 / Moonband semi-flush
powder room / Item # 20-7532-07-G183 / Simple Ellipse two-light wall sconce
powder room / Item # 12-3775-07-G140 / Exos round semi-flush
staircase / Item # 20-4790-07-G301 / Dune wall sconce
staircase to basement / Item # 20-4790-07-G301 / Dune wall sconce
basement hall / Item #12-4402-07-G98 / Tryne flush mount
basement bath / Item # 12-4247-07-G80 / Moonband semi-flush
basement bath / Item #20-6302-07-G188 / Ondrian wall sconce
second floor hall / Item #12-4402-07-G98 / Tryne flush mount
second floor hall / Item # 21-7515-07 / Aperture asymmetrical wall sconce
second floor bath / Item # 20-4101-07-G01 / Ribbon wall sconce
second floor bath / Item # 12-4247-07-G80 / Moonband semi-flush
master bedroom hall / Item # 12-4550-07-G98 / Compass semi-flush
master bedroom hall / Item # 12-4550-07-G98 / Compass semi-flush
master bedroom / Item # 12-4341-07-G89 / Oval Mackintosh semi-flush
master closet / Item # 12-4252-07-G50 / Moonband semi-flush
master bath / Item # 20-7861-10-G146 / After Hours wall sconce
master bath / Item # 12-3776-10-G137 / Exos round semi-flush
second floor bedroom / Item #12-6706-07-G97 / Leaf flush mount
2nd floor closets / Item #12-4251-07-G45 / Moonband semi-fush
guest bedroom / Item # 12-4394-07-G97 / Banded flush mount
front door / Item #30-7525-17-G194 / Ellipse outdoor sconce
garage / Item #30-7530-17-H196 / Ellipse outdoor sconce
back door and at shower / Item #30-7521-17-G182 / Ellipse outdoor sconce
basement staircase / Item #30-7521-17-G182 / Ellipse outdoor sconce
lower deck / Item# 30-7910-17-ZP326 / Airis outdoor sconce
upper balcony / Item# 30-7910-17-ZP326 / Airis outdoor sconce.

Cable Rail System
Feeney Architectural

Garage Door
Overhead Door

Lighting Controls
Phillips Lighting
Floor Protection

Ram Board


Ask This Old House - Episode #1025
Host Kevin O'Connor and electrician Scott Caron travel to Annapolis, Maryland to install a manual transfer switch for a portable generator. Then Kevin, along with general contractor Tom Silva, landscape contractor Roger Cook, and plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey ask "What Is It?" Afterwards, Richard heads to Dallas to fix a sewer line that is clogged with tree roots.


Generator Transfer Switch
Electrician Scott Caron installs a manual transfer switch for a portable generator. He first wired the switch to the existing circuits in the home that will be powered in the event of an electrical outage. He then installed a receptacle outside the house for the portable generator to be plugged into.

Where to find it?
Expert assistance on this project was provided by Scott Caron of Caron Electric

The transfer switch that Scott installed is model 31410CRK, manufactured by Reliance Controls

The portable generator (model XG7000) was provided by Generac Power Systems

This project involves rewiring within a home's electrical panel. Working with a licensed electrician is recommended.

What Is It?
Richard asks the guys to identify a red metal object with black handles.

Where to find it?
Richard demonstrated a Paper Log Briquette Maker, which can be used to make fireplace logs from ordinary newspaper. A similar device (item no. 148827) is available from online retailer Kotula's (http://www.kotulas.com).

Relining a Sewer Drain Pipe
Richard helps a homeowner clear tree roots from his sewer drain and reline the pipe. The pipe is relined using a polyester sock and a two-part resin. When the resin cures, it will create a rigid plastic pipe inside of the existing cast iron drain line, preventing any roots or other foreign objects from penetrating.

Where to find it?
Expert assistance on this project was provided by Roto Rooter

The pipe lining system that Richard installed is manufactured by MaxLiner

Back at the barn, Richard described another technology that can be used to re-line water supply pipes. This system is manufactured by Ace Duraflow (www.aceduraflo.com) and available in the Dallas area from DFW Pipe Restoration.