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 April 25, 2013
This Old House And Ask This Old House Are On Tonight

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This Old House - Episode #3204
After a quick coffee in Porter Square, host Kevin O'Connor finds general contractor Tom Silva working on the architect's plans to vary ceiling height on the first floor for dramatic effect. Kevin lends a hand in the living room as they use two-by-fours and strapping to drop the ceiling by eight inches in two key places. Then, Kevin travels to Fairfield, CT to meet designers Edie Van Breems and Rhonda Eleish to learn how our house's Scandinavian modern style evolved from more rustic Swedish country interiors. Back in Cambridge, master carpenter Norm Abram shows Kevin the framing progress on the second floor where there will be three bedrooms, a laundry, and a shared bath. Norm notes where Tom made the ceilings flat without necessarily needing to be level in the bedrooms. On the third floor, they review the framing upgrades, and Kevin helps Tom install a new skylight so it will never leak. At the end of the day, plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey arrives with ductwork and plans to introduce air conditioning to the house for the first time in its history.

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Before and After Renovation

Products and Services

Swedish Country interior designers? home tour
Side Trip:
Eleish Van Breems Ltd.

Porter Square Coffee Shop Visit
Side Trip:
Simon's Coffee Shop
1736 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA
tel. 617-497-776

Small-duct HVAC System
The Unico System
tel. 800-527-0896

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Ask This Old House = Episode #1104
Landscape contractor Roger Cook helps a homeowner lay sod in his backyard. Then, Roger, along with host Kevin O'Connor, plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey, and general contractor Tom Silva ask "What Is It?" Afterward, Tom shares a tip about finding measurements without doing math. And, Richard installs a wireless thermostat to control a heating system.

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Laying Sod in a Backyard

Roger helps a homeowner lay sod in his backyard.

Where to find it?
Homeowners may order sod from most garden centers and nurseries. The minimum delivery quantity is usually one pallet, which is roughly 500 square feet. Roger orders his sod from Sodco, a large sod farm in Rhode Island that provides sod for homeowners and landscape contractors throughout New England.

What Is It?
Kevin asks the guys to identify a red, flexible tool.

Where to find it?
The FLEXiT flashlight is manufactured by Striker.

ASK Tommy: Measuring without Math
Tom shares a tip about finding measurements without doing math.

Where to find it?
Tom shares two methods for finding the center of a board.

In the first method, Tom demonstrates that if the full length of the board is not easily divisible by two, simply slide the tape measure diagonally until the tape is on a number that is easier to divide in half. Mark the half-way mark of the new measurement and you'll have the center of the board.

Tom also demonstrates measuring with two tape measures and starting them at opposite ends of the board. When the two tape measures show the exact same number, that's the center point.

Wireless Thermostat
Richard helps a homeowner install a wireless thermostat to control one zone of heating.

Where to find it?
Richard installed the Wireless FocusPRO Comfort System Programmable Thermostat, manufactured by Honeywell.

Then, in the loft, Richard demonstrated the Total Control Comfort app, designed by Honeywell, which allows the thermostat to be controlled from any location using a compatible cell phone or tablet. Richard used the iOS version of the app for an iPad, which is available for download from iTunes.

Richard also showed a wireless receiver that can replace a wall-mounted thermostat, which is the WTR thermostat, manufactured by Zone First.

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