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 December 5, 2013
This Old House And Ask This Old House Are On Tonight.

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This Old House - Episode #3302
Back on the Jersey Shore, Master Carpenter Norm Abram meets Bay Head homeowner Thacher Brown as he leads a group of determined beachfront homeowners to pool their own resources to build a stone and sand revetment. Norm meets GC Kevin D'Anuncia?ao to see how he's prepped the Bay Head house for the first of two lifts. The house-lifting contractors, led by Mitch Wilbanks, set the cribbing and thread the steel beams through the windows. They're lifting the house only four feet this time, and from the second floor structure. At the Point Pleasant project, Host Kevin O'Connor finds homeowner Carlos Santos mired in some scheduling setbacks: the lifting crew has finally arrived but is only getting the cribbing and steel installed in the crawlspace. Richard meets up with Rita Gurry to say a last tearful goodbye to her little mold-ridden Cape as the demolition crew moves in, tears it down, and carts the debris away. Norm meets structural engineer Patrick Cronin, who explains a FEMA A zone vs. a V zone, what types of foundations and pilings are required for each, and why. We see how a house properly engineered can (and did) withstand a Superstorm like Sandy.

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Products and Services

Carpentry/Framing (Bay Head Project)
R&B Carpenter Contractors Inc.
Blairstown, NJ
tel. (908) 581-8164

House Lifting Contractor
Ducky Johnson House Movers

General Contractor (Bay Head Project)
Kevin d?Anuncia?ao Construction Group
tel. (908) 256-6439

Santor Construction Co, Inc.
Santor Construction Co, Inc.
Newark, NJ
tel. (973) 465-1751

Custom Modular Builder (Manasquan Project)
Zarrilli Homes

Demolition contractor (Manasquan Project)
Jacobs Demolition & Carting, LLC
Manasquan, NJ
tel. (732) 528-3800

Structural Engineer (interview)
Patrick Cronin P.E., KSI Professional Engineers

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Ask This Old House - Episode #1202
Landscape Contractor Roger Cook builds a garden bed for chile pepper plants in New Mexico. Plumbing and Heating Expert
Richard Trethewey repairs a leaky toilet with a worn out flange. And the guys ask "What Is It?"

Where to find it?
Expert assistance with this project was provided by Dr. Stephanie Walker of the Chile Pepper Institute and Joran Viers of the Bernalillo County Cooperative Extension Services.

Roger built the raised bed out of 2x12 redwood with 2x4 supports. Redwood is available at many lumber yards and is preferred because it is naturally rot resistant.

The soil that Roger used was a mix of native sandy loam and compost. It was purchased from Soilutions.

Roger installed a drip tape irrigation system with components that can be purchased from a home center or irrigation supplier.

The Chile Pepper Institute provided the following chile cultivars:
'Big Jim'
'NM 6-4'
'NuMex Joe E. Parker'

Roger and Stephanie shopped for chile peppers at Farmer's Market.

They sampled New Mexican cuisine at:
Mary and Tito's Cafe
2711 4th Street NW
Albuquerque, NM 87107

What Is It?
Kevin shows an orange plastic tool shaped like a cross and the guys try to guess its intended use.

Where to find it?
The Heimlich Helper self assist choking device is manufactured by Big John Products

 photo ASK-1202-356x200_zps36b3968b.jpg

Repairing a Toilet Flange
Richard repairs a leaky toilet with a worn out flange.

Where to find it?
Richard used a PVC repair closet flange with an adjustable gasket to connect to the existing cast iron drain pipe. Repair flanges are available at specialty plumbing suppliers.

Richard used the SaniSeal Toilet Gasket, a flexible wax-free gasket to seal the connection between the toilet and the flange.

Expert assistance with this project was provided by Central Plumbing & Heating of Wakefield, MA.

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