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 July 24, 2014
This Old House And Ask This Old House Are On Tonight

David:  photo toh-logo-150px_zps67601789.gif

This Old House - Episode #3312
So far, most of the action on our Arlington Italianate project has been on the back of the house. General Contractor Tom Silva shows how he's framing the new roof to meet the less-than-square existing roof by graduating the rafters. Architect David Whitney explains the logic behind the addition and the new interior spaces on the second floor. As it turns out, a dry basement may not come easily: mason Mark McCullough shows Host Kevin O'Connor the corner of the brick foundation that has been failing and letting water into the basement. To repair and repoint, he's using a new additive in the mortar that uses a crystalline quartz compound to keep water at bay. In the basement, mason Bill Della Sorte shows how he's using the additive to create a slurry to fill the newly repointed joints from the inside for even more protection. Landscape Contractor Roger Cook meets landscape architect Marion Pressley at Elm Bank, the estate that is now the headquarters of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, to see the Italianate Garden that she recently restored there. Back at our little Italianate, Master Carpenter Norm Abram helps Tom cut through the wall for the new mudroom entrance that will basically change the flow of the whole first floor.

 photo a53b40e8-b517-4ad0-91b7-08eea0afafc1_zps03c83ced.jpg
Though the handrails for the stair must be raised to comply with safety codes, the TOH crew will match or preserve as many original details as possible here. A new window will be cut into the wall to let more sunshine in.

Products and Services

Architect, Arlington Project
David Whitney AIA

Breatheable floor protection system
Ram Board

Concrete waterproofing system

Basement waterproofing contractor
New England Dry Concrete

Italianate Garden tour
Side Trip:
Massachusetts Horticultural Society
Guest: Marion Pressley, FASLA from Pressley Associates Landscape Architecture

Garden maintained by: Bartlett Tree Experts and Hartney Greymont

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Ask This Old House - Episode #1212
Plumbing and Heating Expert Richard Trethewey goes to North Carolina to install a whole-house Humidifier. ?What is it?? Host Kevin O?Connor and Scott Caron of Caron Electric head to Indianapolis to install hardwired Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors.

 photo ASK-1212-356x200_zpsc7d4c4db.jpg

Whole-House Dehumidifier
Richard visits Charlotte, NC to install a whole-house humidifier.

Where to find it?
A whole-house humidifier should be installed by a professional HVAC contractor.

Richard installed a Nortec Humidifer, model number RH2.

Expert assistance with this project was provided by AirTight Mechanical.

What Is It?
Kevin shows a yellow and black plastic tool, and the guys try to guess its intended use.

Where to find it?
The ProSensor 710 Professional stud finder is manufactured by Franklin Sensors.

Ask Tommy: Stripped Screws
Tom shows a few tricks for removing screws with stripped heads.

Where to find it?
Tommy first used a Grabit screw extractor, manufactured by Alden Corporation.

He then demonstrated a different type of extractor that works like a miniature hole saw. It is available from both Rockler and Woodcraft.

Smoke and CO Detectors
Kevin and Scott Caron install hardwired smoke & carbon monoxide detectors in Indiana.

Where to find it?
Scott installed hardwired, interconnected smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in many areas of the home. He also installed a wireless combination smoke/CO detector on the main level of the home where snaking a wire was near impossible.

All of the devices installed were provided by BRK/First Alert Brands.

Expert assistance with this project was provided by Caron Electric.