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 September 25, 2014
This Old House And Ask This Old House Are On Tonight

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This Old House - Episode #3321
Landscape Contractor Roger Cook installs a new front walk to replace the old one that was slapdash and too narrow using a period-appropriate waterstruck brick in a running bond pattern. Inside, General Contractor Tom Silva shows Host Kevin O'Connor how he's using stock trim profiles for the door and window casings, but running custom profiles for the window aprons and chair rails. As they are run and installed, he offers a lesson in both coping and mitering the corners. Interior designer Christine Tuttle helps homeowner Heather Faulds make tile selections at a local showroom, suggesting practical ceramics in the utility areas and more eye-catching limestone and marble in the baths. On the second floor, Master Carpenter Norm Abram and Tom work to fit a new 4-panel interior door into an old door jamb. Downstairs, as the cabinet installation finishes up, kitchen designer Steve Jackowski walks Norm through the layout of the kitchen, the construction of the cabinets, and offers a preview of the countertops, tile, and striking copper vent hood that are all on their way to our kitchen.

Products and Services

Custom millwork, Arlington Project
Anderson & McQuaid
tel. 800-640-3250

Door hardware, Arlington Project

Interior doors, Arlington Project
Nantucket Series
Masonite Interior Doors

Local Huttig distributor for Interior doors, Arlington Project
Arlington Coal & Lumber Company
tel. 800-649-8101

Front door
Rogue Valley Door
Door: 4060 Newport, plain oval glass
Sidelights: 4704
Transom: 4704T

Front door hardware
Baldwin Hardware Corp

Interior Designer, Italianate Side Story
Christine Tuttle

Bathroom Tiles
Roma Tile
tel. 617-926-5800

Kitchen Designer
Kitchen Dimensions
tel. 1-800-320-8700

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Ask This Old House - Episode #1221
Plumbing and Heating Expert Richard Trethewey helps a homeowner replace a shower valve that shuts off mysteriously. General Contractor Tom Silva shows how to patch a hole in baseboard. Landscape Contractor Roger Cook shares some tips for maintaining a lawn mower. And the guys ask "What Is It?"

Repairing a Shower Stem Valve
Richard helps a homeowner replace a shower valve that mysteriously shuts off all by itself.

Where to find it?
Replacement stem valves can be purchased from a local plumbing supply store. Richard recommends bringing your valve with you, as there are hundreds of styles of valves and a plumbing supply store can help match your valve with the correct replacement part. For this project, the valve stems were manufactured by Price Pfister.

Expert assistance with this project was provided by Watertown Supply.

What Is It?
Roger shows a black and silver metal tool and the guys try to guess its intended use.

Where to find it? Roger demonstrated the Stake-It", a tool designed to install and remove stakes in the ground.

 photo ASK-1221-356x200px_zpse585ed67.jpg

Ask Roger: Lawn Mower Tune-Up
Roger gives tips for maintaining a lawn mower.

Where to find it?
Engine oil for small engines is available at home centers and hardware stores. Used oil should be recycled at a service station or auto parts store.

Replacement air filters, spark plugs, and blades can be purchased at a small engine shop.

Fuel stabilizers designed to treat ethanol are available at home centers, small engine shops, and marine supply stores.

Patching a Hole in Baseboard
Tommy shows how to patch a hole in baseboard by using a "dutchman."

Where to find it?
Tom used a piece of poplar for his patch. He created a jig the size of the patch, then cut a new hole in the baseboard using a straight-cutting router bit with a bearing, which can be purchased at a home center or woodworking supply store.

He used a type of cyanoacrylate superglue to assemble the jig. The "Instant Bond" glue and activator are manufactured by . They can be purchased at Woodcraft.

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