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 January 15, 2015
This Old House And Ask This Old House Are On Tonight

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This Old House - Episode #3411
At the Lexington project, Host Kevin O'Connor finds the front gable wall of the second floor up, and the roof framing underway. Around back, General Contractor Tom Silva installs a 24-foot long LVL to temporarily hold up the second floor while he adds new structure. Then, they frame the rest of the addition roof. Nearby in Lexington's historic district, architect Frank Shirley shows Master Carpenter Norm Abram how people have been using front porches to lend character and charm to Colonial style homes for hundreds of years. Back at our house, Tom shows Kevin the framing of our new farmer's porch and then they build a small overhang to extend the look across the garage. Inside, Kevin sees how the homeowners are getting by without a kitchen, which has been gutted and is ready to be expanded thanks to a 24-foot steel beam that will carry the weight of the second floor. Later, Tom presents a solution to the ceiling height challenge in the old part of the kitchen: a structural ceiling that will allow him to gain some height over the islands, while allowing for both adequate structure, and a clever chase for wiring.

Products and Services

Steel Beam
Boston Welding & Design Inc
tel. 781-932-0035

Architecture Expert
Side Trip:
Frank Shirley Architects

Harvey Building Products

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Ask This Old House - Episode #1311
General Contractor Tom Silva replaces a broken window with a safer solution. Then, Host Kevin O'Connor, along with Landscape Contractor Roger Cook, Plumbing and Heating Expert Richard Trethewey, and Tom ask "What Is It?" Afterward, Richard shows a homeowner how to rotate a toilet.

Sharpen Chainsaw
In the barn, Roger teaches Kevin how to properly sharpen a chainsaw blade.

Where to find it?
All chainsaw sharpening accessories, including metal files, and file guides can be found at the local home center.

Replace Broken Window
Tom replaces a broken stairway window from the inside with a tempered glass solution.

Where to find it?
The tempered glass replacement window used for this project was custom ordered from JB Sash and Door. Pre-built tempered glass windows are typically limited to a small selection of sizes. Most window and door manufacturers/suppliers can custom order almost any size tempered glass window.

The window film used to dress up the tempered glass can be found at the local home center. The window film is manufactured by Artscape; the style and size is Summer Magnolia Decorative Window Film, 24" x 36."

What Is It?
Tom shows a white round rubber object with three tabs, and the guys try to guess its intended use.

Where to find it?
The Bucket Vise can be found online at BucketVise or at NuWidgets.

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Rotate Toilet
Richard shows a homeowner how to replace and rotate a toilet.

Where to find it?
The American Standard Cadet Pro Compact Right Height Elongated Toilet 14" Rough-In can be found at the local plumbing supply store.

The Danco HydroSeat Toilet Flange Repair used for this project can be found at the local home center or at Danco online.

The additional flange adaptors, wax ring, and masonry screws can be found at the local home center.
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