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 May 8, 2015
This Old House And Ask This Old House Are On Tonight

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The stunning result, seen on the current season of TOH TV, includes: an 800-square-foot addition over the garage that created space for two additional bedrooms, a bathroom, and a second laundry room; a large, windowed kitchen; an expanded mudroom with access to the garage; a three-season porch and deck in back; and a welcoming porch out front.

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For architect William Hubner, a key factor was making sure the addition felt harmonious. "The rooflines of the addition are designed very carefully not to overwhelm the existing house," he says. "We pulled back the connector piece and had the gable roofline swoop down to the first-floor eaves line." At the back, the porch came down to make way for a 9-foot kitchen bumpout and a three-season porch, both with walls of windows for unobstructed views. To support the addition on a lot where digging a foundation was a no-go because of its wetlands adjacency, TOH general contractor Tom Silva used 11 concrete piers.

Shown: The old porch made way for an expanded kitchen, a three-season porch, and a new deck with corner stairs.

Gutters: Englert LeafGuard

This Old House -Episode #3423
Master Carpenter Norm Abram and Host Kevin O'Connor recall the 1966 Garrison Colonial we started with, and observe the transformation that has taken place. Kevin and General Contractor Tom Silva meet Building Commissioner Fred Lonardo to see if they passed their final building department inspection. Kitchen designer Michele Kelly shows Plumbing and Heating Expert Richard Trethewey the design and technology smarts built into the Kieval?s new kitchen. Kevin meets homeowner Jody Kieval and her interior designer brother Jared Sherman Epps to see how he customized the spaces over the garage to reflect each daughter?s personality. Interior designer Robin Gannon shows Norm the creative and strategic updates she made to the older parts of the house. Kevin and Jody join Jeremy in the kitchen to see the finished space, the new breakfast area, screen porch, and back deck. Tom joins to celebrate another job well done.

Products and Services

Kitchen Appliances
Clarke Distribution

Drapery Installation
Davis Install
Contact: Steve Davis

Great Room Artwork
Emily Passman, Artist

Great Room Rug
Fibreworks Corp.

Home Decor

Light Fixtures
Hudson Valley Lighting
tel. 800-814-3993

Design Assistant
Robin Gannon Interiors
Contact: Jackie Lupone

Interior Designer: Kids' Bedrooms
Jared Sheman Epps Design

Wallpaper Installation
Mark J. Pehrson Wallpapering Installation
tel. 978-475-5045
Contact: Assistant: Goulet Wallcovering
Assistant: Chuck Goulet, Goulet Wallcovering

Great Room Built-In
Matthew Allen Contracting
Bedford, MA
tel. 617-416-1034

Fabrics and Wallcovering
Osborne and Little

Interior Designer
Robin Gannon Interiors
Contact: Jackie Lupone

Great Room Coffee Table
Saltwoods Boston

Wrap Party Catering
Season to Taste Catering

Window Draperies
Sew What
Contact: Hillary Kimmel

Cleaning Company
Shine On Boston

Kitchen and Butler?s Pantry Cabinets
Signature Custom Cabinetry

Plumbing Fixtures
Splash Spritzo

Moving Company
The Other Guys Moving & Storage

Living Room Furniture
Wesley Hall

Kitchen Designer
Venegas and Company

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Ask This Old House - Episode #1323
General Contractor Tom Silva and Host Kevin O'Connor discuss kitchen island dimensions. Plumbing and Heating Expert Richard Trethewey helps a homeowner quiet a noisy baseboard heating system. The guys ask, "What Is It?" Later Electrician Scott Caron helps a homeowner add light to a kitchen by install three new recessed cans.

Kitchen Island Dimensions
Tom and Kevin discuss kitchen island dimensions, an idea inspired by Pinterest.

Where to find it?
Tom cites his preferred sizing for a kitchen island, which were inspired by these pins on Pinterest:


Noisy Baseboard Heating
Richard helps a homeowner quiet a noisy baseboard heating system.

Where to find it?
Richard found the origin of the noise coming from forced hot water return pipe. The original installer didn't account for the expansion and contraction so when the heat turned on, the copper return line expanded into the drywall, causing a tapping noise.

For every 100 feet of copper pipe, the pipe can expand or contract between 1-2 inches.

Richard was able to quiet the noisy baseboard heating system by removing two inches of copper pipe from the return line, giving space for the pipe to expand and contract without rubbing or touching on the drywall.

The copper fittings, solder, and torch used to fix the noisy baseboard heating system can be found at the local home center.

What Is It?
Roger shows a round yellow orb, with white strings coming off of both sides connected to handles, and the guys try to guess its intended use.

Where to find it?
The Golden Goose is a tool for scrambling eggs while still in the shell. It is manufactured by Goose Gadgets.

 photo ASK1323-450x253px_zpsjp5jlni5.jpg

Recessed Can Install
Scott Caron of Caron Electric helps a homeowner add light to a kitchen by installing three new recessed cans.

Where to find it?
The recessed remodel cans, non-metalic wire, snake, and LED light bulbs can be found at the local lighting distribution center or at the home center.

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