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 October 3, 2013
This Old House And Ask This Old House Are On Tonight: New Season Starts

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This Old House - Episode #3301
In October of 2012, Superstorm Sandy tore through the most populated region of the United States, leaving millions without power and hundreds of thousands of homes in ruins. Some of the worst damage was sustained on the Jersey Shore, so Host Kevin O'Connor, Master Carpenter Norm Abram and Richard Trethewey break with This Old House tradition to introduce not one, but three different homeowners who, despite financial hardship, miles of red tape, and lots of unanswered questions, are determined to rebuild. In the barrier island town of Bay Head, Norm meets Jed and Chris Laird, whose 1880?s shore cottage had to be gutted after it was flooded under three feet of seawater. Nearby on the mainland in Point Pleasant, Carlos and Maria Santos? family of six was left homeless by the storm; Kevin learns how they plan to raise their 1950?s Colonial ten feet in the air to protect it from future floods. And in Manasquan, Rita Gurry tells Richard the heartbreaking story of how, after she?d just made her last mortgage payment, she took one look at the mold Sandy left inside her flooded 1940 Cape and decided to tear it down and start fresh with a new modular home. Over eight special episodes, This Old House follows these intrepid homeowners on the path to recovery - learning lessons along the way about both the pitfalls and the best practices of coastal building in a post-Sandy world.

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Products & Services

Custom Modular Builder (Manasquan Project)Contractor:
Zarrilli Homes

Boat captain
Capt. Ed Oliver of Pt. Pleasant, NJ

Architect (LBI interview)
Paul Barlo

Still photos of 1962 Nor?Easter from Great Storms of the Jersey Shore by Margaret Buccholz and Larry Savadove
Down the Shore Publishing

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Ask This Old House - Episode #1201

The twelfth season of Ask This Old House begins with Host Kevin O'Connor teaching the guys how to use Twitter. General Contractor Tom Silva replaces an old, rusted bulkhead door. Plumbing and Heating Expert Richard Trethewey discusses several ways to get hot water without waiting. And the guys ask "What Is It?"

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Replacing a Bulkhead Door
Tom replaces an old, rusty bulkhead door with a new one.

Where to find it?
Tom installed an RD model door, manufactured by Gordon Corporation

What Is It?
Roger shows a red plastic ball with a steel loop and the guys try to guess its intended use.

Where to find it?
The "Red Sphere" traps are used to prevent apple maggots from destroying fruit trees. They are manufactured by .

Recirculation Pumps
Richard shows several types of recirculation pumps, which are designed to get hot water to a faucet faster.

Where to find it?
The recirculation pump with a built-in check valve, timer, and aquastat is model no. UP-10. The recirculation pump that installs near a water heater but does not require a separate recirculation line is the Comfort System (model no. UP-15). Both are manufactured by Grundfos

The pump that monitors and repeats your water use patterns is the SmartPlus pump. The pump that installs under a lavatory and does not require a separate recirculation line is the D'Mand System. Both of these are manufactured by Taco-HVAC
Expert assistance with this segment was provided by Urell and Emerson Swann.

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