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 November 22, 2012
This Old House And Ask This Old House - Episode #3208

David: This Old House - Episode #3208

Host Kevin O'Connor and Plumbing and Heating Expert Richard Trethewey get a taste of culturally diverse Cambridge by visiting what?s known locally as ?Japan Town.? Master Carpenter Norm Abram shows how General Contractor Tom Silva has matched the exterior trim details and how the clapboards are going on over an underlayment that will let them dry out. Then, up on the roof deck, he lends a hand as Tom creates a staggered shingle pattern on the half walls to match what is on the existing house. Kevin heads to Boston?s South End to visit interior designers Andrew Terrat and Dee Elms. Back at the house, Richard and project plumber Abe Bilo add floor warming radiant heat to the first floor from below, and a state of the art condensing boiler to fuel both the radiant and the hydro air systems.


Bilo Plumbing and Heating
tel. 978-468-4389

Bucco and Sons Plastering Inc.
Beverly, MA
tel. 978-922-1477

Japan Town visit
Side Trip:
The Shops at Porter Square
Contact: Lesley University?s University Hall

Condensing boiler
Lochinvar Corporation

Small-duct HVAC system
The Unico System
tel. 800-527-0896

PEX radiant & plumbing system
Uponor (formerly Wirsbo)

Interior Design Studio Side Trip
Side Trip:
Terrat Elms Interior Design

Ask This Old House - Episode #1108
Landscape contractor Roger Cook works with a fencing contractor to install a vinyl privacy fence. Then, Roger, along with host Kevin O'Connor, plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey, and general contractor Tom Silva ask "What Is It?" Afterward, Richard replaces a clogged shower valve.


Installing a Vinyl Privacy Fence
Roger works with fencing contractor Mike McLaughlin to install a vinyl privacy fence.

Where to find it?
Expert assistance and materials for this project was provided by Mike McLaughlin of Pro Fence Inc.

The fence that Roger and Mike installed was a six foot tall vinyl privacy fence with a top cap detail, referred to as a "board privacy" fence.

What Is It?
Richard asks the guys to identify a large metal object with a level on top.

Where to find it?
The Torin portable tire balancer, model #TRA20061, is used to balance tires on a metal rim. It is available from Northern Tool.

Replacing a Clogged Shower Valve
Richard replaces a clogged shower valve that would not allow hot water into the shower.

Where to find it?
Richard used a Moen replacement cartridge (part number 1222) for this shower. When replacing a shower valve, it is important to know the manufacturer of your valve, as parts vary by manufacturer.

The valve that Richard showed in the workshop with integrated stops was a Symmons Temptrol Valve.