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 October 22, 2012
This Old House And Ask This Old House Program Info

David: This Old House - Episode #3203
With the interior opened up, master carpenter Norm Abram shows host Kevin O'Connor the bones of the building, and the unique features of a balloon framed house?studs that run from sill plate to top plate, with floors that hang from that structure.

On the first floor, general contractor Tom Silva needs to relocate a load bearing partition wall, and take the dip out of the floor. He uses temporary supports, makes up a carrying beam, inserts the new structure, and then removes the old wall.

Out front, Kevin and homeowner Sally Peterson meet Susan Maycock from the Cambridge Historic Commission to learn about appropriate colors for the outside of her Victorian-era house, and how many homeowners get it wrong by using too many colors in the wrong places. While the outside of her home will be traditional, inside it will be anything but, so Sally takes Kevin up to Porter Square to see the style she's after via a shop where owner Dale Anderson curates a collection of vintage and current Scandinavian items for the home.

Back at our house, Tom continues to frame in the basement, but this time without wood?he's using new tongue and groove foam panels with embedded plastic studs and wiring chases. Kind of like a partial ICF, he installs them against the fieldstone foundation with a foam construction adhesive.

Master electrician Allen Gallant shows Kevin how he's upgrading and relocating the electrical service on the house.


Historic Color Consultation
Cambridge Historical Commission

Scandinavian Modern home furnishings store visit
Side Trip:

Basement wall panels
In So Fast

Gallant Electric
tel. 781-862-4636

Ask This Old House - Episode #1103
General contractor Tom Silva builds a custom fireplace mantel for a homeowner. Then, Roger shares some tips about garden edging. Afterward, Richard helps a homeowner repair a leaking kitchen faucet.


Custom Fireplace Mantel
Tom helps a homeowner build a custom fireplace mantel.

Where to find it?
Tom used 5/4 x8 and 1x8 poplar lumber to construct the mantel, which is available at lumberyards.

Tom fastened the mantel together using pocket screws and a pocket screw jig, which are both manufactured by Kreg Tools and available at specialty woodworking stores.

The cordless nailer that Tom used is manufactured by Bostich .

The power tools that Tom used, including the portable table saw, compound miter saw, and cordless drill were manufactured by DeWalt.

ASK Roger: Landscape Edging
Roger shares some tips for using garden edging.

Where to find it?
Plastic edging like the kind Roger demonstrated is available at home centers.

Bricks and cobblestones for edging are available from a masonry supply yard.

Metal landscape edging is available through landscape suppliers.

Repairing a Leaky Faucet
Richard helps a homeowner repair her leaky kitchen faucet.

Where to find it?
The faucet that Richard repaired was manufactured by Delta Faucets. Richard purchased a repair kit that included a new ball, seats, and springs at The Home Depot.

In the loft, Richard showed a newer style of kitchen faucet valve, which is the Diamond Seal Technology valve, also manufactured by Delta Faucets. Replacement Diamond Seal Technology valves can be purchased through a plumbing supply store.