Welcome New Yankee Workshop Fans!  
Welcome New Yankee Workshop Fans!Welcome New Yankee Workshop Fans! Welcome New Yankee Workshop Fans!Welcome New Yankee Workshop Fans!
Welcome New Yankee Workshop Fans!

 August 5, 2013
This Old House Is Looking To Add A Game To Its Web Site

David: Here are some of the games that we were asked about.

Do You Have What it Takes to be a Real Estate Tycoon?
The real estate market is heating up, and you see an opportunity to put your DIY skills and real estate savvy to work. Buy and renovate fixer-uppers and build new properties for profit! Measure your success by growing?or blowing?your investment. Compete against your friends by bidding for prime properties and pitting your ability to increase your return on investment against theirs. Do what you can yourself to save money, and go to school to learn new skills. Hire the right contractors at the right price, and negotiate with buyers and renters to maximize profits before moving on to your next big project.

So You Want to be a Real Estate Developer?
You?ve just inherited a small fortune and dream of designing and building your very own town from the ground up. Buy land and choose the architectural style for your intended community (lakeside resort, retirement village, suburban commuter town, etc.). Navigate planning and zoning, and get to work laying out neighborhoods, parks and recreational facilities. Build businesses to grow the economy. Advertise and host events to attract buyers. Deal with surprising setbacks: hurricane damage, a stock market downturn. Earn money building, buying and selling houses. Complete missions and tasks to earn points and rewards. Visit your friends? towns for ideas or to get their help building your own. Your success will be measured by your ability to grow a thriving community.

Turn That Diamond in the Rough Into Your Dream Home
Choose from a number of fixer-uppers?vintage cottage, grand Victorian, classic Colonial, etc.?and use your budget and skills wisely to transform it into your dream home. Move walls for better flow. Add built-ins to reduce clutter or a front porch for curb appeal. Try out different color schemes and furniture arrangements. Should you restore those rattling windows? Or replace them? Save money at the salvage yard so you can splurge at the tile store. Hire contractors to help with your tasks, or earn points for doing it yourself. Complete renovation missions for rewards. Share your house with family and friends.

Happy Haven
Design and personalize your perfect home, including its residents. Cabin or castle? Cosmopolitan lifestyle or country chic? Single or married with kids? Pick your characters? looks and personalities. Then nurture their essential needs (eating, sleeping and bathing) and leisure time. Design, decorate and furnish your home to meet your characters? lifestyle and tastes?right down to the finishing touches. Resolve conflicts that arise between family members and neighbors. Balance work with family time and home upkeep to earn points. Perform tasks around your home or help friends with theirs to earn money. Use your household budget wisely. And you can create your very own happy haven for yourself and your family.

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