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 June 21, 2012
This Old House Uses Reclaimed Materials On The Bedford House

David: Reclaimed wood and materials finds its way to Stephen Staples of Creative Art Furniture and This Old House has found Stephen Staples. He's been featured on The Bedford House Project episode 14.

Creative Art Furniture and Stephen Staples has been featured on This Old House, The Bedford House Project, episode 14 -scene 5.

The popular PBS show, This Old House came to Stephen Staples shop with cameras and crew in tow to film Staples making a trestle table. The table was made out wood pulled out of the 1720's Bedford house that was being renovated by This Old House.

As Stephen Staples was showing Norm Abram the wood that will be used, Abram turned his attention to one of the tools in the workshop. Impressed, Abram asked, "This is what we'll be using?" He added, "I've never seen one of these." "It's a brush sander," Staples said. "One of my secret tools." "I could tell the cameras its one tool I don't own," Abram said. "No one will believe that," a member of the crew shot back. "Ok, I could say it's a tool I don't own yet," Abrams said.

After two years in the Merchant Marines, Staples decided to pack it in and follow his passion and head for shore. He had a beautiful bride and a shop full of tools waiting for him. Fast forward thirty five years and you have one of the most renowned furniture makers in the country. To help make ends meet early, Staples began doing renovations around historic Boston. The news of his historical renovation work around Beacon Hill as we'll as South Station spread and soon people we're asking him to make furniture. The Stephen Staples brand began, but he remained humble to his craft, turning out limited pieces of his work.

Most of all Staple's materials to build his pieces comes from reclaimed wood and old industrial findings. You can visit Stephen Staples at his gallery and shop, Creative Art Furniture in Plainville, Massachusetts.

This Old House Bedford Project Trestle Table

Source: PRWeb