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 March 14, 2012
What This Old House Could Mean To Your Company

David: At Hubbardton Forge in Castleton, lighting accessories are crafted by hand every day.

"We're a company that's been manufacturing quality since 1974," said Steve Rice of Hubbardton Forge.

And soon they'll be lighting up on the national level with a feature on the hit PBS show "This Old House."

"To have this kind of an opportunity really helps to convey our message on a national basis," Rice said.

The Forge will make 30 different light fixtures for a home renovation in Rhode Island.

"Well there's a lot of production value for a television show but also for general curiosity. Nearly 100 people, working blacksmiths, forging this metal, taking this steel and turning it into This Old House."

O'Connor and his production crew are filming a 10-episode series about renovating the home and one episode will follow the forging of a new chandelier for the homeowners from start to finish.

"When {the homeowners} work with 'This Old House' they expect the highest level of craftsmanship and quality, so getting something cookie cutter off the shelf-- it really isn't our way-- so having something that is a piece of art, a piece of sculpture that is handmade. And if it can be done here in Vermont, here in the U.S., it's even better. So this is a perfect match for us," O'Connor said.

Viewers across the nation can tune in in January to watch as the metal for the new fixture is heated and assembled right here in Castleton.

"All of that's really baked in to provide our customer base with something that's incredibly durable and timeless in its design," Rice said.

So after all those hours of heating up the metal, hammering it out, heating it again, washing it and making it, this is the finished product. Its name is Brindle, which is French for twig; a main design element in the chandelier.

"It requires a great deal of skill in the welding process. It requires a great deal of skill in the fabrication and the amount of time that it's in the forge. So that's a piece that really exemplifies our work," Rice said.

And while it's the fixtures that will be featured on the show, Rice hopes it's the quality of the craftsmanship that's put on display.

"We really want to get into the home of our consumers to have them understand what our capabilities are, what our quality level is," he said.

Quality products stepping into the national spotlight right here in Vermont

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Source: By Deanna LeBlanc/wcax.com - Vermont's trusted news source for 55 years