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Welcome New Yankee Workshop Fans!Welcome New Yankee Workshop Fans! Welcome New Yankee Workshop Fans!Welcome New Yankee Workshop Fans!
Welcome New Yankee Workshop Fans!

 April 15, 2013
iPads, Nooks, Kindles, And Galaxys

David: On Tablet Reading: Here's to Watching It Grow
By Editor Scott Omelianuk, This Old House magazine

I want to plant a seed. No, not like in the garden, though it's certainly that time of year and there's plenty of tilling to be done at home?and plenty of planting and other gardening stories in this issue of TOH to help you get started.

See, the seed I am looking to plant is of the idea type. I want to remind you about the digital edition of TOH to encourage those of you who own a tablet?a Nook or a Kindle Fire or an iPad or a Galaxy?to tap over to your online newsstand or app store and download this month's copy. It's no harder than teeing up the newest version of Angry Birds, and if you're already a subscriber, it's free and it contains plenty of extra content and exclusives. And, if I may be so bold, I think you'll find the edition pretty great. After all, where else these days do you get more for free? I mean besides, you know, more nudging from your spouse to get this or that chore done around the house?

Since TOH first debuted a tablet edition, we've added lots of functionality designed to give our readers a better experience: slide-out tips, tappable extra photos, bonus stories, and even video.

In this issue's tablet edition in particular, you'll find extra garden photos, and there are also additional shots from our TOH TV project finale. To top it all off, we're premiering a very special video, produced by online editor Alexandra Bandon. It's the first in a series called Stories of Home, this one about a New Jersey family's recovery from Superstorm Sandy, and it's remarkable.

I hope you'll like it?and everything else in the TOH tablet edition. If you do, please drop me a note to let me know. And if you don't, definitely drop me a note. As always, we want to give you the best home-improvement content we can, whether that's on TV, in a print magazine, in a digital magazine, or on the Web, and we can't do it without knowing what you think.

Get the This Old House magazine for your tablet here.